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With its software, USoft enables individuals and organizations to record enterprise architecture, business processes and business requirements in an unambiguous, consistent and integrated manner. The software is currently used by more than 10.000 users worldwide at organizations such as Achmea, AgentschapNL, AkerSolutions, Eno, ITV, KLM, and Sandd.

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Ir. Linda Terlouw, Architect with Icris B.V.


Mrs. Terlouw holds both an MSc in Computer Science and an Msc in Business Information Technology from the University of Twente.
She started her career working as a consultant for IBM in the area of business intelligence. One of her client engagements was the introduction of a new data warehouse for conforming to the Basel II accord. Afterwards she worked as an IT optimization consultant, providing advice to IT managers and CIOs on how to create a more effective and efficient IT environment.
In 2005 she joined the SOA Consulting Group of Ordina, a large IT services provider in the Netherlands. In her role as solution architect she advised large corporations about the gradual migration towards a service-oriented way of thinking and the use of ESB-technology for its technical implementation. In the same year, Mrs. Terlouw went back to academia (part-time) to pursue PhD in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. The focus of this research is the specification of services working from formal organizational models. The research is part of the CIAO! Program.
In 2009 she started the company Icris B.V.

Dr. Antonia Albani, Associate of Icris B.V.


Mrs. Albani studied Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich where she received her master degree in 1995.
Afterwards she was part of the group for Global Information Systems at the ETH Zurich where she researched topics dealing with object-oriented databases, web technologies and agent frameworks. In 2000 she received her PhD for her work “A Generic Agent Framework for Internet Information Systems”.
After one year in IT consulting with focus on business process modelling she was CEO and co-founder of an internet start-up in the area of business process outsourcing, creating a portal for small and mid sized companies outsourcing their business processes over the internet.
In January 2003 she started her habilitation at the Systems Engineering group of the University of Augsburg with specific focus on the research area of component based inter-organisational systems.
Since February 2005 she additionally has a part-time assistant professor position at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, in the Software Engineering group. Her main research interests are in modelling inter-organisational systems. She is co-founder of the research lab CIAO! (Cooperation & Interoperabilty – Architectures & Ontologies) of the Delft University of Technology.
Mrs. Albani joined Icris B.V. as an associate in 2009.

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