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Architecture – building strategy into design
Dietz, J.L.G.
Architecture is omnipresent and natural. Every child applies it, and it will keep doing so as a grown-up. Both Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh were guided by functional and constructional principles. Examples of functional principles for them were to shock or to please. Examples of constructional principles were to use oil color or water color.

These principles are the operational shape of architecture, which is defined as the creative usage of the design freedom that is left after all requirements are met. The question  is: how are you going to use it? Throughout the history of mankind, people have answered the question in much the same way; they use this design freedom for expressing their individual or collective vision on the subject matter.

In Enterprise Architecture, design principles serve to achieve organizational concinnity or, as the title of the book says: to build strategy into design.
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Enterprise Engineering Manifesto
Dietz, J.L.G.

The Enterprise Engineering Manifesto presents the focal topics and objectives of the emerging discipline of enterprise engineering, as it is currently theorized and developed within the CIAO! Network ( The manifesto comprises seven postulates, which collectively constitute the Enterprise Engineering Paradigm (EEP).
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The Discipline of Enterprise Engineering
Dietz, J.L.G., Hoogervorst, J.A.P. et al

In this founding article, the history of Enterprise Engineering is sketched, going back to Frederick Taylor. After this introduction, the need for Enterprise Engineering is discussed, in particular it three general goals: Intellectual Manageability, Organisational Concinnity, and Social Devotion. The discipline is firmly rooted in a coherent and consistent set of theories. They are briefly discussed and categorized in four groups: philosophical, ontological, technological, and ideological. Based on these theories, five fundamental enterprise engineering principles are formulated.
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An Enterprise Engineering based Examination of TOGAF
Dietz, J.L.G.
Hoogervorst, J.A.P.

Everything you always wanted to know about TOGAF but were afraid to ask
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Function and construction
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The design situation
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DEMO-3 Models and Representations
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The notion of organization
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USoft and Sapio launch new UDemo platform

Press Release
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