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Go to PUBLICATIONS to get a free copy of the book “Architecture – building strategy into design”.

Go to SHOP to get a hard copy or an ePub copy of the new revised versions of “Red garden gnomes don’t exist” and “The essence of organisation”. Together, these books are a very accessible introduction to DEMO, the leading methodology in Enterprise Engineering.

About Sapio

Sapio is a company in The Netherlands, which offers consultancy, education, and coaching in Enterprise Engineering, in particular concerning the DEMO methodology (see DEMO page). The director and stockholder of Sapio is Jan L.G. Dietz. He is a renown expert in the emerging field of Enterprise Engineering, building on over 40 years of experience in the theory and practice of ICT in organisations. Learn more about him on Wikipedia.

Enterprise Engineering

Both the Information System Sciences (Computer Science and Business Informatics) and the Organization Sciences (Business Administration, Management Science and Industrial Engineering) fall short in mastering the complex problems that modern enterprises face. Only the emerging discipline of Enterprise Engineering, in which the two are harmoniously combined under a new theoretic umbrella, is able to provide adequate and effective help.

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Feel free to contact Sapio anytime if you think Enterprise Engineering might help you in mastering your problems. We can provide an effective analysis of you problems in only a few days, thanks to the unequaled reduction of complexity as offered by the DEMO methodology. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised :-)

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